IP Camera Master Panel Dashboard Relay Stream Hosting

We Be HostiN offers a master panel web view (protected by a login and password if desired) for watching all of your IP camera streams simultaneously in your web browser.  Our dedicated stream relay hosting service makes it easy to see all of your WiFi cameras at the same time on one screen using one master login and password.  With our relay hosting services, your streams are secured and unified behind one platform without exposing any of your cameras' configuration settings.  No individual camera logins and passwords are revealed to anyone watching your streams!

Before ordering, please make sure your cameras support the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), have RTSP enabled, and are accessible via the RTSP protocol from remote networks (port-forwarded if on a local area network LAN).  If you need help configuring your cameras and network, We Be HostiN can help you do this for a one time fee.  Contact us for more information.

After an order has been placed, please send us your camera RTSP stream links (along with your desired login and password if you want to secure your master panel view) so that we can create your customized dashboard.  A link to your relayed streaming master view will be sent to your email address.  With our relayed IP camera hosting services, your network bandwidth is only used when someone is watching your camera streams.

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IP Camera Master Dashboard Hosting
Bandwidth per Month 100 GB
Max Number of Cameras 5
Protected by Login and Password OPTIONAL
Price $24.95 a month
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Master Dashboard Info & Example


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