Preconfigured Open Game Panel (OGP) Servers
Dedicated Preconfigured Open Game Panel OGP Servers. Resell game servers, rent game servers to your own customers, and create your own game server hosting company.

We Be HostiN offers dedicated servers that come with a preconfigured, fully functional, and complete install of the Open Game Panel (OGP) control panel.  The OGP game server panel software makes it easy to setup, host, and charge your own customers for dedicated game servers within a matter of minutes.  Get dedicated preconfigured Open Game Panel servers from We Be HostiN so that you can run as many game servers as the hardware allows, rent game servers to your own customers, and create your own game server hosting company!  Servers come with a projected uptime over 99%.  These plans are managed and come with free support requests (within reason).

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Preconfigured Open Game Panel Server
with Agent and Panel (Complete Package)
CPU Core(s)4
Memory (RAM)10 GB
Hard Disk Space200 GB
Bandwidth1000 GB
IPv4 IP Addresses1
Control PanelOpen Game Panel (OGP)
Desired Operating System
Available Locations
Price Per Month$29.95
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Preconfigured Open Game Panel Hosting
Basic Web Panel Hosting Only
Hard Drive Space 2 GB
Bandwidth 4 GB
Installed Software Open Game Panel Web Only
The OGP Agent must be installed on your host server(s).  This service only provides hosting for the OGP web control panel itself.  Thus, only the agent has to be installed and configured on your server that will host games.  You can use your hosted OGP web panel to communicate between all of your agents without having to configure or know how to host websites.
Cpanel EHCP
MySQL Databases 10
FTP Access Yes
Price $3 a month
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Complete Package Preconfigured Open Game Panel (OGP) Servers come with a working installation of the OGP agent and web control panel software.  Web server software is also installed.  Login information is sent out for all preconfigured systems including root SSH access.  Please note that this package merely installs the tools to enable you to run and host game servers.  It does NOT come preconfigured with a way to accept payments from your customers.  You'll need to configure your website and handle customer payments yourself.  With the hosting control panel that comes pre-installed on your server, it's easy to create a WordPress powered website or host your own custom website.

If you just need a host that can run a preconfigured installation of the Open Game Panel (OGP) web panel software, order our $3 a month hosting plan which only comes with a working installation of the OGP web panel software.  It is NOT a server that can be used to create and host game servers.  If you want the complete package and the ability to run and host game servers, order the complete package.  If you need a centralized host for the OGP web panel, get it today for only $3 a month.  You'll need to configure the OGP agent on your host servers, and then you can manage all of your agent servers from your hosted instance of the OGP web panel software.

In order to prevent abuse, please verify your PayPal account AND confirm your PayPal mailing address (a mailing address is considered confirmed when the mailing address used to place your order matches your credit card billing address) before placing an order for a preconfigured OGP server.  If your PayPal account hasn't been verified, we will request additional information from you.

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