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We Be HostiN Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Both Game and Web Servers

We Be HostiN's Terms of Service is a binding agreement between We Be HostiN and each of our clients.  All customers must agree to the terms listed below to use our services.  These terms cover what materials may be hosted on your website, our payment policies, refund policies, and other pertinent information regarding our web and game server hosting services.  By signing up for an account, you agree to the following terms.  Our privacy policy also outlines how your information is treated.

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Terms of Service Agreement

Web Hosting Terms of Service


All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds.

Payments and Agreement to Pay:

As consideration for the software or services purchased by you and provided to you by We Be HostiN, you agree to pay We Be HostiN at the time you order. All fees are due immediately and are non-refundable unless otherwise expressly noted, even if your services are suspended, terminated, or transferred prior to the end of the services term. We Be HostiN expressly reserves the right to modify pricing through email notification and/or notice on its web site. You may make payment by providing either a valid credit card or PayPal email address.

If for any reason, We Be HostiN is unable to charge your payment method for the full amount owed, or if We Be HostiN is charged a penalty for any fee it previously charged to your payment method (such as a charge back dispute), you agree that We Be HostiN may peruse all available remedies in order to obtain payment. You agree that among the remedies We Be HostiN may peruse in order to effect payment, shall include but will not be limited to, immediate cancellation without notice to you of any domain names or services registered or renewed on your behalf.

You agree that you are solely liable for arranging that your services are renewed, and that We Be HostiN shall not be liable to you or any third party if it is unable to charge your payment method in order to renew your services. You also agree that you are liable for all services that have been rendered on your behalf until a termination of service has been officially received by the account holder for services.

Late Payments:

If at any time, your hosting payments become past due, you will receive a notification via email (to the most recently updated email address on file) with instructions on rectifying the situation. Please note that We Be HostiN reserves the right to deny access to and/or de-activate accounts which have unpaid past due balances.

Accounts are at risk for suspension of service if payment for hosting is not received 5 days after the due date.

Free Hosting:

Hosting other websites besides your own for free or for pay is strictly forbidden by We Be HostiN unless you have an active reseller hosting subscription.  If your account sells hosting to others, we reserve the right to contact you and request more information or suspend your account without prior notification.

Spam Email:

Sending SPAM email on our servers is strictly forbidden by We Be HostiN.  We constantly monitor our servers for email spamming scripts, and if you are caught spamming, your account will be terminated without notice.


Hosting any pirated materials such as games, warez, movies, and anything else that violates copyright law is not permitted.  Should we be notified that you are hosting illegal materials, we will ask you to remove these materials immediately.  Should you fail to do so, your account will be suspended and perhaps deleted after two days from when notification was sent.

Hate sites against ethnicity are forbidden, and any site hosting terrorist supported content will be automatically suspended and deleted.

Hosting file sharing websites is not permitted.  Also, We Be HostiN does not offer its services to streaming video sites.  If you're going to host videos, please upload them to YouTube or another video hosting platform, and then embed them in your site.

Hosting personal files that are not related to your websites' content is also not permitted.  Personal photos, files, and music should be uploaded to an appropriate file sharing site such as MediaFire.  This is done to maintain the best service possible for all users sharing our servers.  Any users caught using excess space for personal use shall be contacted.  If the files are not removed within a week by the user, an administrator reserves the right to delete the infringing files.

Game Server Hosting Terms of Service


Game servers may only be used to allow players of a game to play online against other real-life players.  Game servers are NOT to be used for file storage other than for the modifications and files desired to run on a game server.  Our servers are self managed, meaning you have full access over the game's files and configuration settings.  Backups are the client's responsibility.  If you accidentally delete pertinent game files, please open a support ticket so that we may fix it for you.  If your server becomes a security vulnerability due to a security exploit, We Be HostiN will attempt to remedy the situation and inform you of the results.  Our game servers have been automatically patched with security modifications, and these must not be removed if installed.  Any other unapproved usage of our game servers may be considered abuse.  If this usage is not rectified, your service may be terminated.  We Be HostiN monitors usage periodically to ensure the best hosting for all customers.  You may not change the default allocated player slots or other configuration settings that may violate the terms of your agreement.


All customers agree to adhere to the configuration paid for when ordering.  Again, you may not change the default allocated player slots or other command line settings that were originally set by an administrator in accordance to the table listed on the games page.  However, additional command line parameters may be set as long as they do not overwrite any of the default configuration settings.

Subscriptions and Billing:

Subscriptions for game servers must be paid on a monthly basis and are payable through PayPal.  After placing an order, you will be automatically billed every month for service.  Should payment fail, it is your responsibility to update your PayPal account billing information.  If payment has not been received within 10 days after your scheduled renewal date, your account may be suspended until paid.  You may cancel your subscription at any time.  Instructions for canceling your PayPal subscription are provided on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds on regularly occurring subscription payments.  If you cancel game hosting service in-between subscription periods, your server will not be terminated until the end of the paid period.  Should you wish to renew your subscription before the termination date, please create a new subscription and contact us.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Terms of Service

Acceptable Usage:

Virtual private servers may NOT be used for:

  • Sending Email Spam of ANY Type
  • Spamming of any kind
  • DDoS Attacks
  • IRC Networks
  • Torrents or Warez
  • MineCraft Game Servers (uses too much CPU)
  • Streaming Sites
  • TOR
  • Phishing Sites
  • Proxy Scanners
  • VPN Services
  • File Sharing Services
  • Absolutely NO TORRENT TRAFFIC or Seedboxes
  • Anything illegal that violates USA law

Virtual private servers may be used for:

  • Low Resource Usage Game Servers (most game servers use low resources)
  • Web Hosting within specified VPS plan limits
  • Email server not used for spam.
  • Voice Server Hosting
  • Anything else not prohibited in the "Virtual private servers may NOT be used for" section.

Shared Usage:

Each VPS is allocated a "fair-share" of actual CPU usage on the server.  Since your VPS is hosted with other clients on the server, a "fair-share" usage limit exists to deliver the best reliability and uptime to all shared users.  If a particular VPS causes issues for other clients using the same node, the VPS causing problems will be suspended.  The owner of the suspended VPS will be notified and will need to take action to rectify the situation.


Payments are paid monthly and automatically renew through a PayPal subscription.  In the event your PayPal payment fails upon renewal, our scripts will automatically notify you and try to collect payment again on a specified date (usually within 2 days from the last failed attempt).  The next charge attempt will take place on the date specified in the notification email our scripts automatically send.  You will need to fix any payment processing errors within your PayPal account before the next charge attempt.  If your PayPal payment fails more than two times, your account will be suspended until owed payment has been received.


All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds on regularly occurring subscription payments.  If you cancel your VPS service in-between subscription periods, your server will not be terminated until the end of the paid period.  Should you wish to renew your subscription before the termination date, please create a new subscription and contact us.

Terms of Service for Web Hosting, Game Servers, and Virtual Private Servers


Unlimited is defined as using as much bandwidth or disk space in accordance with a hosting or game server plan's features.  Unlimited hosting is only limited by maximum hardware space and ISP bandwidth limits, if any.  Unlimited hosting may only be used for legal purposes.

VPS is an acronym that stands for "Virtual Private Server" or "Virtual Private Servers".

Modification of Terms:

We Be HostiN reserves the right to change our terms at any time.  However, should our policies change significantly, we may contact all of our clients with an update notification regarding our policies.


If we receive confirmed abuse reports originating from your service(s), we reserve the right to suspend your services permanently depending on the severity of the situation. 

Terms were last modified:  3/5/2021

Privacy Policy

Here at We Be HostiN, we respect your privacy, and we will never give out any of your personal information to anyone.  Period.  We believe that privacy should never be violated, and We Be HostiN promises to never violate your privacy unless mandated by law.

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